Washing Machine Clinic

Washing Machine Clinic, established in the year 1989, has been servicing washing machines in and around Bangalore region. We repair all kinds of washing machines, fully automatic washing machines, semi-automatic washing machines. We have repaired and serviced top global brands of washing machines such as GE washing machine, IFB – Bosch, Sanyo, Godrej, Hoour, Philips, AEG, Haier LG, Samsung and many other washing machines.

NEWLY INTRODUCED: A/C & Refrigeration Repairs Service:
We are happy to announce to our patrons repairs and services of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers are undertaken.

Your Washing Machine                       We Care
Washing machines with usage, wear and tear, over a period of time make them worn out and does not function properly. Mechanical parts as well as electronic parts in washing machines get affected with voltage fluctuations,
over loading, improper handling etc. Water if it by chance enters the electronic control board of any washing machince you may sense a mild electric shock. Get it repaired at once before it gets worse. Washing machines if they are serviced at regular intervals will give them a longer life. If you have been facing trouble in getting fixed your washing machine or have trouble even after repairs are done… click here to give details we will be there in 24 hours.
We, at Washing Machine Clinic, guarantee our customers Free of Service and replacement of spares within a year if the same trouble shoots up again. We are proud to say that we have WE HAVE OVER 30,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS which is growing by the day.


Our Motto “Quality, Efficiency, Timely Service”.
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